About the Website

This site was built entirely in-house by our team of designers and developers, leveraging our own expertise in the latest standards, technologies, and best practices of web development to craft a responsive, painstakingly designed, cutting-edge web experience for our visitors. That may sound grandiose, but we take our work seriously, and we take pride in everything we build, no matter how small.

Designed Responsively

With tablets and phones accounting for so much of the web's traffic, responsive design is more than a buzz word; it is fundamental to the relevance and usefulness of a website. Rather than target a particular device or browser, we build smart and we build flexible, enabling our product to adapt itself to an ever-changing sea of devices, browsers, and screen sizes. This can't be done without a proper foundation of standards compliance, semantic markup, separation of content and style, or a commitment to accessibility —┬ájust a few of the principles of progressive enhancement that inform our software design philosophy.

Form & Function: Mutually Inclusive

Who says software development has to be boring?! To us, it's not just a precision science; it's also a fine art, and this should be reflected in the user experience. So in addition to our expert developers, TGI employs full-time, in-house design talent to ensure that our products are as beautiful as they are powerful. This zeal for craftsmanship begins with our own meticulously designed corporate identity (even our logo was designed in-house) and ends with satisfied customers.

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The Cutting Edge: Now 4x Sharper

Since we're building on top of a solid foundation of best practices and established standards, it's easier to embrace new technologies and techniques quickly, which means we can stay ahead of the curve instead of always playing catch-up. For the web, manifestations of this encompass a broad range of enhancements, from relatively small touches like using CSS3 transitions for more fluid animations, to more comprehensive measures like optimizing the entire site for high-DPI displays (as found on most high-end smartphones, some tablets, and even a handful of personal computers). It means being technologically aware and ready to adopt or even pioneer new innovations where appropriate, instead of resisting change to cling to what's comfortable or convenient.

To experience the dramatic benefits of high-DPI-optimized design for yourself, you'll need to view the site on a device with a high-DPI display, such as a MacBook Pro with Retina display, Chromebook Pixel, iPad (3rd gen+), Nexus 10, Nexus 7 (2nd gen+), or almost any modern, high-end smartphone.
Normal DPI (MacBook Pro @ 2x) High DPI (MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display @ 2x)

This is who we are

This kind of attention to detail may sound like overkill, and for some in the business it might be overkill. But at TGI, "good enough" is a bore. This is what we love to do. This is who we are.

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